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Osteopathy & Acupuncture:

Anthony J. Agius D.O.

Contact: 0207354-3020;

Anthony J. Agius qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1983. He qualified as an Osteopath as well as a Naturopath and incorporates an holistic approach to treatment paying attention to lifestyle, diet and exercise issues. With thirty years practice osteopathy he has gained much experience and treated most conditions, all shapes and sizes. He has also developed particular interests in sports and overuse injuries as well as chronic back pain. He has worked for two G.P. practices treating NHS patients for ten years alongside his private work.

He is very keen sportsman, particularly weight training and indoor rowing. He is also a member of his local running club. Anthony believes that being active is the key to health. He believes that a combination of regular aerobic and weight bearing exercise is the best way to maintain health. Many of us are sat at a desk for eight hours a day followed by a stressful journey home then a couple of hours sat in front of the box before bed. This leads to fixed and stiff joints and muscles which is a recipe for injuries and wear in the body. Solution? Regular exercise complemented with a diet of as little processed food as possible is a far better way to promote health.


Penny Prime

Contact: 020 8981 4628;
Clinic Hours: 4pm-8pm Tuesdays
Fees: Adults: First appointment £65, follow-up appointments £47; Children: First appointment £45; follow-up appointments £35

I trained at the College of Homeopathy and at New College of Homeopathy in Greenwich, qualifying in 2004. Whilst I had a thorough training in the philosophy, principles and practice of classical homeopathy, I also learnt other methods of homeopathy which have been developed to deal with the growing number of chronic diseases of today.

I then undertook a two-year postgraduate course on “Advanced Homeopathic Therapeutics” with Dr A.U. Ramakrishnan's Homeopathic Education and Research Foundation successfully passing the final examination. The course culiminated in attending Dr Ramakrishnan’s seminar on “The Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer”.

Recent seminars I have attended include:

      Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal

The Alexander Technique:

Mikaela Davies MSTAT and Victoria Walsh MSTAT

Contact: 07851 738 666;
Clinic hours: Monday 5-9pm; Wednesday 5-9pm and at other times by arrangement.
Fees: half-price first lesson £20; full lesson £40
*10% discount when booking a course of six lessons*

Mikaela's first-hand experience with the effect that everyday stress can have upon one's well-being has given her a great interest in how emotional health affects physical health and vice-versa. She was especially concerned about the adverse effects a demanding work environment was having on her health, as it was creating undue tension in her body and sapping her energy. It was these concerns that initially brought her to the Alexander Technique. Mikaela found that her lessons gave her a renewed vitality,and she was better able to deal with the pressures of work. Her positive experiences as a pupil evoked a passion for the Technique and inspired her to become a teacher.

Victoria initially came to the Alexander Technique with a specific aim: relief from chronic pain related to her profession as a horse rider. The lessons did thankfully alleviate this pain and improve her performance. However, she began to see that the true cause of the pain was the large amount of tension she carried not just in riding, but in all activities.  Through her lessons she was able to improve her general health, and it is this that inspired her to train as a teacher.  She is excited to be working in a field that offers not just the possibility for short-term therapeutic relief or specific occupational health benefits, but more importantly the potential for a greater general well-being.


Giuliana Perra, ESS

Contact: 07950 26 74 86;
Clinic hours: Monday 10-2; Friday 4-8 and at other times by appointments, available for home visits, events and talks.
Fees: from £50 for 1 hour appointment including in depth oriental diagnosis
10% discount when booking a course of 3 sessions.

I am a fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner and seated bodywork therapist from the European Shiatsu School, London and I teach Itec on site Massage at the Morley College, London

I am fully-insured, registered member of the UK Shiatsu Society and work in a safe and professional way, respecting clients individual needs and confidential information.

I am committed to a natural and holistic approach to health focusing on the emotional and psychological aspects of my clients, allowing them to take charge of their own health in the process of establishing back the natural balance in the bodies.

Shiatsu is a the treatment of choice for anyone who trusts natural health, as it is preventative and requires the client's willingness to understand the causes of their dis-ease and discomfort and gradually work them through.

I am confident in saying that the best results are achieved through regular sessions during which I offer general advice coupled with exercises and support during the changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

Clients usually come to see me with conditions that include: generic chronic pain, neck, back and shoulder tension, lower backache, headache, migraine, frozen shoulder, digestive problems, emotional unease (anxiety, depression, grief), M.E and other fatigue conditions, muscle spasms, insomnia and sleeping disorders, injuries, stress related condition, postural aches and pains, sports injuries.