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Osteopathy is a recognised and effective system for diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions:

          back and neck pain
          sciatica and trapped nerves
          joint and muscle pain
          arthritic pain and stiffness
          repetitive strain injuries
          sports injuries

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Homeopathy uses tiny amounts of medicine to stimulate a healing reaction in a human being. It is dynamic, constantly developing through clinical practice to meet the challenging demands and deteriorating health of the 21st century. It can benefit people with any type of illness physical, mental, emotional and is suitable for anyone from babies to the elderly.

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The Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique is a simple, practical, non-invasive method of releasing patterns of tension that cause or contribute to many conditions including:

          Neck, joint and back pain
          Repetitive strain injuries
          Poor posture and bad balance
          Respiratory and voice problems
          Depression, anxiety and stress related conditions
          Inability to reach peak performance in sports and the performing arts

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Shiatsu Massage:

Will be available soon at The Highbury Park Clinic.